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We spent our childhood escaping to the country side of Kaštelir, back then small village in central Istria known for it's good wines, olive oil, good food and warm people. In this modern times with everyday stress we started to appreciate our natural beauties which are relaxing and stress free. This natural beauties in Istria are hidden by the woods, mountains and reachable by country roads - real Istria worth exploring. Learning languages and living near the sea gave us opportunity to share our experiences with our guest from the whole world.

Today all the gratitude goes to modern buildings, shopping centres, water parks and everything else made by human hand forgetting that the real beauty lies in Mother Earth - giving us everything and not taking anything back.By this idea we want to share and show you the hidden gems of Istria taking you with us in our tours and show you the real Istria in a way never seen before...

We offer you custom made guided tours with local wine and food tasting, hiking, cycling, camping, fishing and safari tours with off road vehicle.

All-Istria - About us

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